Celebrate the 100th anniversary of unearthing King Tut. Follow in the footsteps of famed archaeologist Howard Carter as he unlocked Tutankhamun’s tomb, beheld the great treasures within and came face-to-face with the pharaoh’s mummy. By Discovering King Tut’s Tomb, guests unearth the sights, sounds and wonders of ancient Egypt.

Howard Carter

Since he was a boy, Howard Carter dreamed of going to Egypt and uncovering its lost treasures. Upon digging out the doorway to the tomb of King Tut in 1922, Carter’s lifelong dream became a reality. Through letters and telegrams, guests can learn about Carter’s partnership with his sponsor, Lord Carnarvon – and be transported back to the very moment they set foot in the antechamber of the tomb.

Tomb of Tutankhamun

Guests will explore the tomb and a recreation of the burial chamber that housed the shrines, sarcophagus and nested coffins that protected Tut’s mummy. You will get a chance to peer through holes in the walls and uncover the treasure that rocketed Tut to fame.

Nile River

Without the Nile, ancient Egypt would not exist as it did. Guests learn about the importance of the longest river in the world and how it nourished and influenced one of history’s greatest civilizations.

Kings & Gods

Kings were considered the intermediaries between the gods and people and were tasked with keeping harmony and balance. They served many gods, the most important being the sun god, Ra (or Amun-Ra as he would later be known). Guests will learn about some of the most important gods and their roles in Egyptian mythology.


The ancients believed the soul was connected to the body, even after death. Mummification was done to preserve the body so the soul could live on in the afterlife. Guests will be led through the lost art of mummification and be taken on the soul’s trip through the underworld.

The Boy King

What did the discovery of King Tut tell us about the boy king? Artifacts found in his tomb reveal the story of a crippled youth with high aspirations, whose life was cut short. Guests learn about the boy behind the legend and the complex and difficult tenure he must have endured.


Tut’s tomb abounded in gold, the symbol of immortality. Immersed in the brilliant luster of golden artifacts, guests learn about the importance of the “Flesh of the Gods” and how so much of it was acquired and used by the ancient Egyptians.


Burial Items

Guests are treated to recreations of the finest examples of art found in Tut’s treasury, including a canopic shrine, priceless statues and three nested coffins made from gold and precious minerals. The highlight piece is Tut’s iconic death mask, now considered a masterpiece of Egyptian art.


Tut’s Influence

Tut’s discovery took the world by storm. A century later, he remains the most popular pharaoh and one of man’s greatest touchstones to the ancient world. Guests learn about his influence, then and now, and new technologies that are changing the face of archaeology today.


Virtual Reality

Additionally, the tomb is brought to life through virtual reality. Guests can choose to experience and interact with it in first-person — just as Howard Carter did.  You can explore the different chambers, “grab” and inspect the artifacts and learn even more!

Audio Guide

For a personalized and transportive experience, guests can hear from as if from Howard himself — as he guides you through the exhibit and what it was like to uncover such an amazing find. You will feel like you’re really there with Howard, learning all that he learned along the way.


About Discovering King Tut at Luxor

DISCOVERING KING TUT at Luxor takes guests on a spellbinding tour of the tomb, its treasures and ancient Egyptian civilization. Through sets, artifacts and multimedia installations, guests are transported back in time and immersed in the sights and sounds of Howard Carter’s great discovery.



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