Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Howard Carter’s discovery

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of finding the lost tomb of Tutankhamun by Discovering King Tut’s Tomb, now at Luxor. Follow in the footsteps of famed archaeologist Howard Carter, as he unlocked the inner rooms, beheld the great treasures within and came face-to-face with the pharaoh’s mummy. See the king’s nested coffins and notorious death mask and learn why the ancients went to such an extent to preserve their dead. Light your torch, break the seal and defy the “mummy’s curse” and enter – if you dare. By Discovering King Tut’s Tomb, you’ll unearth the sights, sounds and wonders of ancient Egypt.

Don’t miss the chance to meet life-size dinosaurs, open your mind to the human body, and go along on the historic discovery of King Tut’s tomb!

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All-inclusive Package

Get the ultimate value with your All-inclusive Package that includes:

  • Admission: General Admission access to Discovering King Tut’s Tomb.
  • Audio Guide: Be guided through the experience by Howard Carter himself through the Discovering King Tut’s Tomb audio guide.
  • Virtual Reality: Transport to the Tomb of King Tut in this compelling Virtual Reality experience!
  • Souvenir Photo: Receive a 6X8 Printed photo.

Audio Guide

Upgrade to access the curated audio guide that allows you to uncover items within the experience through the narration of Howard Carter.

Virtual Reality

Complete your discovery with Virtual Reality Experience where you will be transported to November 26th, 1922, when Howard Carter first stepped into the tomb of Tutankhamun. Tour through the narrow rooms and experience the same excitement that the British archeologist experienced 100 years ago. You will explore the rooms, listen to info points, read the hieroglyphs on the walls and “grab” and inspect every single item. Buy your VR experience ahead of time by purchasing our Virtual Reality Package.

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